Zanzibar Cattle Co.

Our Story

Zanzibar Cattle Co. began in 2008 to fill the need for replacement cattle. 

Our grass-fed cattle business began in 2015 at the gas station in the small town near our Texas ranch. One afternoon, Stephen was approached by an older gentleman asking for a little help hauling his calves to the sale barn. Stephen agreed and followed the gentleman to his ranch.

When they arrived, Stephen discovered that the calves had been only on grass pastures that had never been fertilized or treated with pesticides. We had always wanted a grass-fed steer ourselves, so Stephen decided on the spot to buy several of the calves. Little did we know at the time that I would be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease five months later, requiring me to eliminate beef, grains, dairy and more from my diet.

Ten months after purchasing the calves, one was ready for harvest. Now, as a rancher’s wife, eating beef is a requirement, autoimmune disease or not. Thankfully, I found that I was able to enjoy our grass finished beef.

We were so proud of our beef that we created a business to sell it. Its tenderness and natural flavor were better than anything we had ever had, and it required little or no seasoning to taste incredible.

We have a one time capacity of 1000 head of All Natural cattle in our feeding facility.  We are the first of our kind in North Texas to be third party audited and USDA verified All Natural, NHTC (non hormone treated cattle).
As a family, we enjoy many avenues of ranching together. We are thankful we can share some of it with you!
– Kristin Kirkland

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