Tandem Farm

Our Story

Tandem Farm Co. hit the pasture running in June 2014. We are situated on a small acreage
in Driftwood, Texas, just 30 minutes from downtown Austin. Like many young farmers, we
do not own the land on which we farm; instead the property was graciously provided by a
dynamic local couple who shares our passion to change the current food system. Originally
run by two couples, Tandem Farm Co. is now solely owned and operated by Jordan and Esther

Jordan is a native of Austin but was raised in a small town in Montana, just miles from
the Canadian border. Surrounded by hard working Mennonite and ex-Amish families, he learned
about caring for animals and the land, as well as how to work with his hands at the local
mill. After moving back to Texas he pursued various career paths, but nothing clicked until
the opportunity to start a farm presented itself. The desire to farm converged with Jordan’s
growing concern over where our food comes from and how those methods affect the land and the
animals themselves. Inspired and mentored-from-afar by the likes of Joel Salatin and Greg Judy,
he got to work establishing the farm.

Esther is originally from Houston and graduated from Texas State University with an English
degree. After university she lived and traveled abroad while working for Youth With a Mission,
an international Christian service organization. Upon her return to Texas she worked as a teacher
and as a writer for a marketing agency. Her interest in farming was sparked by Jordan but also
critically by several documentaries that expose the brokenness and abuses so prevalent in
conventional farming methods. She is excited to be able to provide people with food they can
enjoy with a clean conscience.

Sybil, born at the same time as the farm, keeps everyone in line around here. Truthfully everything
would fall apart without her daring vision and bold leadership.

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