South Tex Organics

Our Story

Dennis Holbrook grew up in a citrus and row crop farming family. After returning from Texas A&I University,
and again joining the family business, he purchased the family citrus operation from his father in 1977. He soon
became disillusioned with and concerned about conventional farming. Thus, South Tex Organics, L.C. was established
in 1984.

Dennis decided farming organically was nature’s way and the best way to grow the most nutritious and best tasting
citrus. He felt a commitment to provide the consuming public with an option to purchase citrus grown naturally
without the use of toxic chemicals.

Converting from decades of chemical assisted farming to organic growing methods was a daunting task.It took several
years of growing cover crops and applying compost before seeing the evidence of renewed life in the soil. Another
challenge was to gain an understanding of nature, how it provides benefits, and to learn how to grow in harmony
with nature.

Organic production is our passionate commitment to help provide healthy food and a safer environment.

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