Cowhouse Creek Meat Co.

Our Story


Cowhouse Creek Meat Company is located in Hamilton County, Texas with ranches in Hamilton, Evant and Star.
It is a place that we want our customers to feel like family. Our gates are always open and we would love to
show you our ranch and operation. Our gates are always open and we would love to show you our ranch and operation.
We know our cattle and have raised our beef from the day the calf was born. Our family sees to each and every animal
and one of us checks them every day, rain or shine, cold or hot.

Rogers Kids
Our family consists of Keith and Cindy Rogers and four growing children, Shelby, Koby, Harley and Brody. The kids are
the primary owners of Cowhouse Creek Meat Company. Shelby is a student at Oklahoma State University, studying Animal Science
and Agricultural Communications.She brings knowledge of the beef industry and is an expert in social media to our company.
Koby is currently studying Culinary Arts. He is a workhorse and does much of the labor on the ranch that no one wants to do.
He knows meat and how best to prepare it. Harley is the nurturer of the animals. She is the one you will find in the pasture
caring for calves when they are born and helping the mother cows find their lost babies. Her heart is with each and every animal.
She also is very knowledgeable about the livestock business and is our go to person when we are selecting which cows that we want
to keep and reproduce in our herd. Brody is the baby of the family, but don’t count him out on his ability in the beef industry.
He is on the FFA meats judging team and he knows his cuts of beef. He makes the decisions when we take the beef to harvest as to
which cuts we will get from the steers. He too, is a workhorse and puts in many hours of work each week on the ranch. They are
all young and are proud to be part of our family run ranch and meat business. Keith and Cindy are both graduates of Texas A&M
University with degrees in Animal Science. They serve as advisors for Cowhouse Creek Meat company and do everything that the
kids don’t have time to do when they are in school.

Land Management
We manage our land to provide not only the cattle but wildlife as well. We have an abundance of deer, turkey and other small animals
that count on us to enhance the ecosystem and provide good grasses and forbs. We do not overgraze and we work to have the smallest
carbon footprint possible on our land. Access to fresh water is of utmost importance. We have tanks of fresh water throughout the
ranch and also give the livestock and wildlife access to water troughs with rich well water from the Second Trinity Aquifer.
We drink the same water and think it is better than any bottled water around.

Calves grazing
Our facilities were designed according to recommendations by Temple Grandin to provide safety for the cattle. We work the cattle
gently to eliminate stress. Low stress means better beef. We maintain our ranch standards suggested by the Global Roundtable for
Sustainable Beef. Our beef is a socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable product that prioritizes the
planet, people, animals and progress.


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