Hudspeth Farm

Our Story

At Hudspeth Farms we do not use hormones, growth promoters or any type of antibiotics. We use what
is known as natural methods of production for our grass and soils such as fish oils, microbials and
minerals. Our healthy soils and fresh grass make for healthy animals. Our family has been in the dairy
business for over 24 years. We rotating our animals on fresh green pastures after every milking.
We have continued that practice with our beef animals.

Our pastured chickens are raised on farm fresh green grass and moved daily around the farm to keep them in clean ground. Their diet consists of our fresh grass and clover along with the normal ration of grains there are no antibiotics and no growth hormones used in our fed. Our beautiful birds breathe fresh air and have plenty of room compared the normal crowded confinement mega operations where if the birds do not get antibiotics they will not survive.


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